Monday, January 4, 2016

It's go time!!!

Well, almost. We will be on the road in less than a week to get the kiddos to grandparents.  We leave for China a week from tomorrow!!!! Two weeks from today we are scheduled to meet Lucee.  From that moment on, we will get to have her with us the remaining time.  (In some countries they want the parents to come visit and observe over a day or 2 before being able to take their little one with them.  In China, at the orphanage Lucee is at, we see her and she is ours from that moment!)  

On a financial note, God has completely provided for all of the adoption expenses!  We are so thankful for all of the generous donations, from the pennies to the thousands!  It truly is a blessing to see how each step of the way, the Lord provided for everything and we have faith that He will continue to do so.  

We'd love it if you could be in prayer with us as we continue on this journey.  There are so many prayer requests, but the main ones are:
1) That Lucee would feel the love we have for her and attach well into our family!  We believe that the Holy Spirit will go between us to help with the communication barrier that is evident. [Ben and I have learned some Chinese and will continue to make efforts, but  it's a complicated language to say the least ;)]
2) For all the preparation that needs to be done during this week.
3) For safe travels.
4) For Noah, Gavin and Lilee to be at peace while we are apart.
5) For the grandparents to have energy beyond what they naturally have, to care and love on three wild kiddos for an extended time ;)
6) For the millions of other orphans still waiting for their forever family!!!  

Our goal is to post updates while we are in China... Thanks for coming alongside us during this adoption journey!  All glory be to God!

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